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Hi, and welcome to Skiprat Pens

If you have seen this site before, you probably have noticed the changes. It has been cleaned up and trimmed down to make it easier and quicker to load.  It will always be a work in progress for me and my son Stuart, who does all the behind the scenes software for me.

At the moment this site is primarily a Gallery of my work. But I am building a large
inventory and hope to offer them for sale soon.  I just have to learn to stop just giving them away first !! But thats fun too....       I have now added a Tips & Tricks page.
Here you will find some tutorials and tips on some of the ways I make my pens.
You may notice that I dont go into minute detail or often give measurements. I will help anyone that asks, but I will never just give out detailed drawings.
Many more will be added soon, so keep checking!!
There are also links to several Youtube videos I have made that will show you how to
make a steel bolt pen on a wood lathe.
Just for fun, in the gallery pages, I have include a small flag of the country where the pen is now.

Many thanks to my son Stuart, for building this site and making it easy for me to update and show off my stuff!
Thanks for visiting!!

Last Updated:  27 February 2014




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